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Auto Theory

To successfully pursue the car restoration hobby, you will need to know how and why your car's various systems work.

The SGG Car Restoration: AUTO THEORY is necessary reading if you're to understand the principles behind the engineering that has gone into your car.

Our motto: "If you don't know how it's supposed to work, you can't fix it!"

How Automotive Temperature Gauges Work
Auto Theory
We rely on a temperature gauge to tell us the conditions inside the engine's cooling system. The gauge typically sit in the car's dash and never needs maintenance. How's that happen?…keep reading

Automotive Paints - Just What Is This Stuff?
Auto Theory
This article examines the components that make up automotive paints…keep reading

Understanding Automotive Cooling Systems
Auto Theory - By Tom Benford
Even though you may like to think of your car as being pretty "hot", you really don't want your car to be hot!…keep reading

How Light Bulbs Work
Auto Theory
While light bulbs might seem trivial, simple things to talk about, relatively few people really know the complex physics process that takes place when a lamp turns on. These commonplace items haven't significantly changed since the days of Thomas Edison, but they are nonetheless marvels of science. We thought it appropriate to explain this process in a little detail…keep reading

Combustion Chambers (and a little engine theory)
Auto Theory
The combustion chamber is the area inside the engine where the fuel/air mixture is compressed and then ignited. This article discusses some of the combustion chamber designs that greatly effect your engines efficiency…keep reading

The Tachometer
Auto Theory
Tachometers have been around for a long time. Devices to count revolutions were used on water wheels, steam engines and many other rotating machinery devices for the purpose of maintaining safe speeds…keep reading

Body Filler - What Is It?
Auto Theory
Ever wonder what Bondo (the body filler brand name turned generic), is made of and how it works? We did a little investigating into its makeup, and here's what we found…keep reading

How a Fuel Pump Works
Auto Theory
How a mechanical fuel pump is deceptively simple. Our animated diagram helps you see how it works…keep reading

How A Car Horn Works
Auto Theory
A car horn is (well, it was before the age of electronic devices) a very simple electromechanical device that uses the principle of electromagnetism to create noise…keep reading

Catalytic Converters
Auto Theory
The first cars that first started using catalytic converters are now 30 years old, making them easy candidates for "antique" or "collector car" status. Since some of us are now - or will be shortly - collecting these vehicles it's high time we explain how the converters work…keep reading