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Auto Theory

To successfully pursue the car restoration hobby, you will need to know how and why your car's various systems work.

The SGG Car Restoration: AUTO THEORY is necessary reading if you're to understand the principles behind the engineering that has gone into your car.

Our motto: "If you don't know how it's supposed to work, you can't fix it!"

Car Restoration Chemicals: What Are They and When Do You Use Them?
Auto Theory
A general discussion of the common chemicals used in car restoration: their composition, use and safety considerations…keep reading

How Manual Transmissions Work
Auto Theory
If you think gears slide around when you shift, you've got it all wrong. Find out how transmissions really work by reading this…keep reading

Let's Create a Carburetor!
Auto Theory
An inside look at your carburetor helps take away any apprehension you may have about digging into these little beasts…keep reading

A Slightly Confusing History of Automatic Transmission Fluid and How It Works
Auto Theory
Selecting the proper quality of Automatic Transmission Fluid is not as easy as it once was. This article should help you decided which ATF is best for your application…keep reading

So What's the Deal about Horsepower, Anyway?
Auto Theory
It's a shame the term "horsepower" didn't come from the horse's mouth…keep reading

Automotive Electrical Systems - Conclusion
Auto Theory
This article concludes our 6-part series on Automotive Electrical Systems. We hope that you have found it to be informative and interesting…keep reading

Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 5 - Ignition Systems
Auto Theory
Part 5 in our series on Automotive Electrical Systems answers that age-old question: What is my car's ignition system and how does it work?…keep reading

Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 4 - Starters
Auto Theory
Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 4 - Starters Starters are incredibly strong motors that work in a hostile environment. They are the most important part of the starting system and Part 4 of our Automotive Electrical Systems series explains how they work…keep reading

Automobile Electrical Systems - Part 3
Auto Theory
In our 3rd installment, we continue to work our way through your car's electrical system. This month we discuss Voltage Regulators, what they do, and how they do it…keep reading

Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 2
Auto Theory
Automotive Electrical Systems - Part 2 The second installment of this Auto Theory segment discusses the ins and outs of generators and alternators. Valuable information you don't want to miss…keep reading

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