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Dr. Crankshaft

Doc's been a fixture at the Second Chance Garage longer than anyone can remember. His dad started the shop back in 1933. And when we took over the place, it was part of the deal that Doc could have his office in the back room. But as cantankerous as he is, he's not bad to have around, 'cause he has a lot of history with car restoration.

Dr. Crankshaft And the Weird Fuel Pump
Dr Crankshaft
Dabney's 1933 Pierce Arrow was experiencing a significant lack of power under acceleration. The Doctor came to his rescue…keep reading

Dabney Gets Bubbled
Dr Crankshaft
Dabney experiences an unusual paint problem...tiny bubbles...millions of them…keep reading

Dabney Gets a Ticket
Dr Crankshaft
Or why things always change and why they always stay the same…keep reading

The Doctor Discusses Seat Belts
Dr Crankshaft
Your car restoration project is for show, and you want it to be perfect and true to the original. But if you're going to drive it, there's one modification you must make…keep reading

The Doctor Tells the Seatbelt Story
Dr Crankshaft
You won't find many pre-1955 cars with seat belts in them...but it did happen!…keep reading

Dabney's Chattering Rambler
Dr Crankshaft
Dabney's 1966 Rambler wagon's transmission made a chattering sound when backing up. The Doctor, being a clever guy, instinctively knew there was something abnormal going on inside the Rambler's drivetrain…keep reading

Dr. Crankshaft Shows Some Chemistry
Dr Crankshaft
Dr. Crankshaft's "better way" to shine up his old aluminum dash trim will allow Dabney time to make coffee…keep reading

The Case of The Pacer's Tail Lights
Dr Crankshaft
Dabney (the heir to the Doofus paper clip fortune) owns well over 240 cars. As everyone also knows, people who collect cars don't necessarily own vehicles that others would desire, and vice-versa. In Dabney's case, one of his more "eclectic" possessions is his 1978 AMC Pacer…keep reading

Dabney's Darting Dart
Dr Crankshaft
Dabney had just finished doing a thorough lube job on his 1965 Dodge Dart. After he finished he noticed it wasn't steering straight.…keep reading

After a complete rebuild, it was perplexing when Dabney didn't get any oil pressure...
Dr Crankshaft
After rebuilding Dabney's 283 V8 out of his newly purchased 1959 Chevy Impala convertible, the Doctor and Dabney were both perturbed about the lack of oil pressure…keep reading