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Car Restoration Tips

These tiny tidbits can go a long way to making your classic car restoration hobby more enjoyable.

Car Restoration Tip 34 - Reassembly: Keep from Nicking Those Newly Painted Car Doors
Restoration Tips
Reassembly of a restoration project always involves patience and attention to detail. One of the most difficult tasks is replacing car doors without scratching the new paint…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 33- Window Installation
Restoration Tips
Installing glass can be tricky. Here's a helpful tip…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 32 - Keeping Track of Flaws
Restoration Tips
You don't want to miss any of those minor flaws that seem to show up like a sore thumb after the final coat of paint is applied…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 31 - Don't Just Pull That Tape!
Restoration Tips
Help in getting that tape off freshly painted surfaces…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 30 - Welding Safety Is No Accident
Restoration Tips
When welding there are many things that cannot be overlooked. This is one of them…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 29 - Don't Stray Far from the Soap
Restoration Tips
Wet-sanding can be tedius, but it is of the utmost importance. Here's a tip that can make this job easier…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 28 - Flatten Metal the Right Way
Restoration Tips
Every once in a while it's necessary to flatten a thin piece of metal. Here's a tip that might help with this difficult process…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 27 - Ever Punched a Hole in Your Shot Bag?
Restoration Tips
Anybody who owns and uses a shot bag for bending metal has done this at one time or other…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 26 - Is That Old Car Too Noisy?
Restoration Tips
Wonder why new cars are so quiet? Maybe there's a way to add some of this quiet to your restoration…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 25 - Don't Struggle with That Hose!
Restoration Tips
Sometimes putting on a new radiator hose can be a monumental task. Stretching and pushing the hose end over a water pump bib or radiator outlet can take all the energy you can muster…keep reading

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