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Car Restoration Tips

These tiny tidbits can go a long way to making your classic car restoration hobby more enjoyable.

Car Restoration Tip 38 - Darn Those Metal Shavings!
Restoration Tips
Metal shavings and magnets can present a problem…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 37 - Whitewall Tire Trick
Restoration Tips
Just when we were about ready to give up…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 36 - Two Problems Solved with One Addition
Restoration Tips
Collectible or classic cars can sit for weeks or months between drives. This can mean lots of cranking before the gas gets to the carburetor. And mechanical fuel pumps can be unreliable…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 35 - Don't Scratch Those Fenders!
Restoration Tips
We have the same problem as everyone else does: Trying not to scratch the fender while leaning over the engine bay…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 34 - Reassembly: Keep from Nicking Those Newly Painted Car Doors
Restoration Tips
Reassembly of a restoration project always involves patience and attention to detail. One of the most difficult tasks is replacing car doors without scratching the new paint…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 33- Window Installation
Restoration Tips
Installing glass can be tricky. Here's a helpful tip…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 32 - Keeping Track of Flaws
Restoration Tips
You don't want to miss any of those minor flaws that seem to show up like a sore thumb after the final coat of paint is applied…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 31 - Don't Just Pull That Tape!
Restoration Tips
Help in getting that tape off freshly painted surfaces…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 30 - Welding Safety Is No Accident
Restoration Tips
When welding there are many things that cannot be overlooked. This is one of them…keep reading

Car Restoration Tip 29 - Don't Stray Far from the Soap
Restoration Tips
Wet-sanding can be tedius, but it is of the utmost importance. Here's a tip that can make this job easier…keep reading

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