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Beginners Corner

With Beginner's Corner we teach very basic skills of car restoration to those who've never attempted to work on cars. Every one of us, regardless of how skilled we may be now, started out knowing nothing. We had no tools, no knowledge of car restoration and no expertise, just a willingness to try...

Maintenance Made Easy: Replacing Wheel Bearings
Beginners Corner - By John Gunnell
Back in 1932, Chevrolet recommended "front wheel lubrication" every 2,000 miles. Fortunately, the technology has improved, but wheel bearings still cannot be ignored.…keep reading

Punching Out Your Headlights
Beginners Corner - By John Gunnell
On the surface, this seems a bit basic, but if you intend to keep and restore all the parts to your headlight assembly, you need to probe a bit rather than just ripping off the pieces…keep reading

10-Minute Turn Signal Tidy Up Can Save You a Ticket
Beginners Corner - By John Gunnell
Clean, rust-free electrical contacts are critical requirements when it comes to the electrical system of a classic car. When corrosion builds up on a turn signal socket, it can cause burned out bulbs, blown fuses and electrical shorts...not to mention a traffic ticket…keep reading

Bowtie Water Pump Prep, Paint & Installation
Beginners Corner - By Tom Benford
Bowtie Water Pump Prep, Paint & Installation The chromed waterpump on my '76 Corvette was about to croak. Time to replace it with something better.…keep reading

Classic Car Sill Mount Hole Repair
Beginners Corner - By Tom Benford
Anything from stripped threads to rust can cause holes designed to accept screws to be a problem. Here's a fix.…keep reading

Removing a Body From a Frame Isn't All That Hard
Beginners Corner
To do a frame off restoration you need to take the body off. Huh?…keep reading

Brake Bleeding 101
Beginners Corner - By Tom Benford
After working on the brakes of your car, you really want them to work! Gotta get that nasty air out of the brake lines.…keep reading

Starting Old Cars
Beginners Corner
It occurred to us recently that there are many of our readers who are too young to remember what it's like to have to coax an old engine to life.…keep reading

Steel Valve Cover Refurbishment
Beginners Corner - By Tom Benford
Here's a quick way to dress up your engine.…keep reading

Classic Car Toolkit
Beginners Corner
Keeping your classic car on the road can take a little preplanning...including what to have in your toolkit…keep reading

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