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Car Restoration Product Reviews

From time to time we are asked to review classic car restoration products by manufacturers. When we do test their products, we report our findings here...whether the outcome is good, bad, or somewhere in between.

Product Review - Heavy-Duty Tumbler System
Product Reviews
Rust removal and cleaning small parts can be tedius when done by hand. This tumbler system may just be the answer…keep reading

Take It Off, Take It All Off...
Product Reviews
We tested some popular chemical strippers to see which one was best. It was messy and smelly, but we've got the results!…keep reading

SCG Tests A Transmission Adapter
Product Reviews
One problem with our T-Bird project was its old 2-speed automatic transmission. To be able to keep up with today's traffic, we were concerned that the engine would have to rev rather high. We found a solution…keep reading

SCG Road, er, Bench Tests Eastwood's Metal Blackener
Product Reviews
We've been waiting for a chance to test Eastwood's Metal Blackener on a meaningful project. We've had the solutions for several months and resisted testing them because the only objects we could come up with were some miscellaneous bolts and washers. In our opinion that's not very exciting nor useful, so we waited…keep reading

Mr. Clean Carwash & Auto Dry
Product Reviews
Our experts tested out whether Mr. Clean Carwash & Auto Dry really lives up to the promise of "no more towels or chamois."…keep reading

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