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The Good Ol' Days

This section is about looking back. In order to help put the whole classic car thing into historical perspective, we thought we'd take a look at the way things were way back when... Try to imagine the excitement experienced by people seeing these cars for the first time.

Sweet Sixteen — Part 1: Cadillac
Good Ol Days - By Chris Ritter
Sweet Sixteen — Part 1: Cadillac In the late 1920s the high-end luxury buyer wanted something that would really make them stand out...like a really, really big engine…keep reading

Luring You In
Good Ol Days - By Chris Ritter
Luring You In By the late 1920s traditional road maps were ubiquitous. It was becoming difficult for a destination to stand out in the crowd, so various associations, companies and tourist bureaus started publishing roadmap lookalikes to entice you to visit and spend your money.…keep reading

How Car Makers got your Attention before World War II
Good Ol Days - By Chris Ritter
How Car Makers got your Attention before World War II When it comes to advertising, it has always been hard to stand out from the crowd. Working with the technology they had, early car manufacturers sometimes got pretty creative in getting their message to customers.…keep reading

Automobile Blue Book: 1911 GPS??
Good Ol Days - By Chris Ritter
Automobile Blue Book: 1911 GPS?? Getting around in 1911 by automobile wasn't always easy. The American Blue Book did what it could to make your travels pleasant.…keep reading

Driving a Ford Model A
Good Ol Days
Driving a Ford Model A While the Model A Ford conformed more to standard practice than the Model T, there are still some idiosyncracies to contend with.…keep reading

How and Why of Cracked Distributor Caps
Good Ol Days
Back in 1936 cracked distributor caps weren't particularly uncommon. …keep reading

Around the Corner: How an Automobile Differential Works [Video]
Good Ol Days
This 1937 short film shows how the automobile differential allows a vehicle to turn a corner while keeping the wheels from skidding...not to mention some "trick" motorcycle riding.…keep reading

The Safest Place You Can Be [video]
Good Ol Days
A short movie produced by Chevrolet in 1935.…keep reading

Barnstormin' Days: Tales of My Dad and Stock Car # 273
Good Ol Days - By Tom Benford
Regular contributor to Second Chance Garage, Tom Benford examines the roots of his addiction to the car restoration hobby.…keep reading

1955 Chevy Road Test
Good Ol Days
Soon after the 1955 Chevrolet was introduced, the newly designed Chevy was put through its paces.…keep reading