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Advertise with Second Chance Garage

If you want to reach passionate classic car restoration enthusiasts, consider advertising with www.SecondChanceGarage.com.

Since 2002, Second Chance Garage has been THE place where Classic Car Restoration enthusiasts go for solid, reliable information on the Car Restoration Hobby. In their May, 21, 2007 issue, Autoweek Magazine said: "Les Jackson and Satch Reed maintain a website called Second Chance Garage. Their description of the site as 'a bible of restoration - how-to, auto theory, community' - is accurate. As you wade through its pages, you'll find most of what you need to know if you're thinking about a restoration."

Approximately 200,000 unique visitors to Second Chance Garage view approximately 400,000 page views per month. 20% of those have visited our site 2 times or more, with the average being 7 times. Second Chance Garage is the place where you want to go with your banner advertising campaign.

Most visitors to www.SecondChanceGarage.com are active car restorers as well as those interested in pursuing the hobby. We constantly get email requests from our visitors asking for names of companies that sell parts (or services) for their cherished ride. With Second Chance Garage's forums we provide answers to many technical questions that often can't be found anywhere else and this keeps 'em coming back. With our banner advertising program we can send some of that traffic to you.

We currently have a couple of options available for advertising on Second Chance Garage:

The graphic below shows typical ad placement options.

We currently have over 4500 pages on the site and are adding continually. All ads except the Single Department Page and Single Article Page ads,appear on every page at the top, right or bottom. These ad spots include Top 728x90, Right 120x240, Right 120x90 and the Bottom 728x90. More than one 120x240 and 120x90 ad can appear simultaneously. [Note: The bottom ad appears in the black area just above the bottom navigation links.] Single Department Page Ads and Article Page Ads will appear in the text area of the page above the fold.

As an advertiser, you will be provided with access to our system to track the performance of your ads.

In order to better serve our reading audience, we only accept advertising that is of interest to Classic Car and Car Restoration enthusiasts and reserve the right to decline placement of any ad on our website.

For rates and additional information, please Contact Us.